Racism and the African Diaspora

While many are fighting the battle of racism, or are simply appalled by it, in this country many fail to realize that this battle is global. All you have to do is follow the plight of people of color, those of darker hues in particular, around the world. You’ll quickly learn that something is amiss.

I always find it interesting how black people from around the world view racism. I can remember while in college the conversations I was involved in with Nigerian students on the topic. The following New York Times Op-Ed piece by Jane Madembo, who’s from Zimbabwe,  reminds me of those conversations.  It’s a must read to get the opinion and experience of someone who’s background is probably different from yours.

The History of Racism I Didn’t Want to Share – Jane Madembo

Madembo’s experience is a reminder that there needs to be constant conversation across the African diaspora  about racism and it’s global legacy.


Let the conversation begin…

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  1. One of the fundamental differences between African Americans and African immigrants is the way we react to racism and discrimination. Only after such experiences the author in the article described do they eventually come to see racism from a Black American perspective.

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