BLAK TeK – 5.27.20

New Amazon Prime documentary shows how Bitcoin is changing Africa By Adriana Hamacher It turns out that Africa is a perfect proving ground for Bitcoin, according to a documentary and companion report... African Cybercriminals Net Millions In Fraudulent Covid-19 Government Claims By Emma Woollacott A West African cybercriminal group has scammed the US government out … Continue reading BLAK TeK – 5.27.20

Meanwhile, across the diaspora…(May 7, 2020)

Africa’s Billionaire Entrepreneurs Are Helping the Continent Battle the Covid 19 Challenge — Africans in America By Ebimo Amungo By Ebimo Amungo As Corona Virus ravages the world, straining health systems to creaking point in America, Italy, Spain, and countries considered advanced, the world watches with trepidation as the virus makes its way slowly, but … Continue reading Meanwhile, across the diaspora…(May 7, 2020)

COVID-19 and the diaspora

This country is experiencing an event that has not been experienced in generations, if ever.  The Coronavirus pandemic has sent shock waves around the world causing havoc in government, medical, and financial systems on every continent.  Countries have struggled to manage handling the pandemic with initial breakdowns in trying to move quickly to prepare to … Continue reading COVID-19 and the diaspora