Why I’m glad Donald Trump is president


After spending months getting over the anger of this country’s election of President Donald Trump I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps his getting elected was a good thing. You see, I’m now glad that Trump sits atop the highest office in the land. YES, I SAID IT! I’M GLAD DONALD TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF THIS HERE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Before you deem me insane let me explain…

The world thought that the U.S. was a better place with the election of the first person of color, Barack Obama, and surely wouldn’t have a problem following that up with it’s first woman as president. What ended up happening the day Barack Obama took office was the exact opposite. The hate and fear that simmered below the surface turned into a full boil. Eight years later the lid blew and what you had was a backlash to the gains perceived or real of everyone except middle and working class white people.

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Despite what both conservative and liberal pundits are spewing about the election make no mistake, it’s in response to the majority who feel they are losing their grip on power and privilege. For many, that power is illusionary as they are in the same boat as many minorities in this country. Yet, they feel as if they are losing ground so they vote for what they believe is a last stand against their loss of social position even if it is against their best interest (i.e. health care, deep budget cuts to social programs, more tax breaks for the rich, etc.).

Ergo President Trump, the man who’ll ride in on a white horse to save the day!

Now, it’s more than your usual list of victims feeling the heat. Almost every group protected under the law is under siege. This isn’t a coincidence, this is by design and the election of Trump was the straw that stirred the drink, the match that lit the fire, or more directly a signal that it’s now ok to brazenly move forward with an agenda that’s no longer hidden.

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Trump’s presidency has pealed back the layers of how many in this country truly feel about their fellow citizens.  It is now a scary place and the whole world can bare witness.  Those in the #TeamTrump camp surprised and disappointed many of you as true colors were exposed, even those whose skin tone matched many of yours.

What does this mean to you? For me personally, it means that many in black communities may be forced to circle the wagons and begin working on strategies to counter this rising tide and begin to strengthen themselves from within. Although this fight should include aligning with other groups also fighting those forces of hatred and oppression, heavily relying on those groups will prove futile for our communities at the end of the day.  This will take some heavy lifting that we have to do ourselves.

In the end, the election of “The Donald” showed us that we still have a long way’s to go in  terms of race relations and equality in this country. Perhaps the election of 45 awakened those that need it most. If his presidency forces us to shake off our complacency and look inward to address what truly ails our communities then suffering through the next four to eight years may just be what the doctor ordered.

All Hail Caesar!

Don is an IT project manager for a Detroit area auto manufacturer who enjoys spirited discussions on current events.  You can follow Don on Twitter @donlang21 and LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/donlangjr

2 thoughts on “Why I’m glad Donald Trump is president

  1. Absolutely agree! The current situation in Washington in general with the GOP in control has brought to the forefront what we have experienced all our lives. The “latent” predjudice has boiled to the forefront and has been put on full display for the world to plainly see. I agree. I believe the GOP is using Trump with perfect artistry to keep conditioned sensationalist Americans occupied while they screw the citizenry and steal from us right in our faces.

    I sincerely hope this presidency is a wakeup call to those who have been sleeping and accepting the “status quo”.

    Rise up! RESIST! VOTE!

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