Creating OUR Nu World Order

It’s become more evident than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic that many of the world’s black population continue to be marginalized, minimalized, or excluded globally.  Across the African diaspora, black people are underserved by systems that seem to fully support others during times of need.  These systems, political, financial, health care, and food supply to name a few have repeatedly short-changed black communities throughout the diaspora.  It is apparent to many that there needs to be a change.  Part of that change is to create new systems that run parallel or possibly separate from existing systems. If we are honest with ourselves, we must recognize it is time for the creation of a Nu World Order.

I’ll be writing a series of columns to facilitate discussions around strategies used to develop a better way of life across the diaspora.  The strategy for creating a Nu World Order will be divided into two parts: 

Part I will concentrate on areas that need to be addressed starting with self and working outward:

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Community
  • Nationally
  • Internationally 

Part II will focus on developing the pillars of this new order.  These pillars will be grouped into the following areas:

  • Economics – Where we will delve into wealth, personal finance, access to capital, community economics, and employment  
  • Health – Initiate discussions surrounding physical, mental, and community health
  • Education – Discuss various formats, i.e. formal, experience, networking, mentoring, etc.
  • Control of narrative – Look at further developing our own voice, media outlets, use of technology

Obviously, there are many other topics that could be discussed but most will fall into these categories. 

This series will be ongoing conversations with hopes of reaching out globally for a call to action. Obviously, the most important part of this discussion is your voice.  Your input and views are needed to carry this message across the diaspora in creating OUR Nu World Order. Let’s start by leaving your comments below.

Stay tuned!

Don E. Lang, Jr.

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4 thoughts on “Creating OUR Nu World Order

  1. Looking forward to following DDP. Now more than ever we have to start thinking about how we want to rebuild ourselves and our communities collectively.

    1. Agreed Adrienne. Looking forward to adding your voice to this important conversation.

    1. Thanks Leslee! Please subscribe so you will be kept apprised of future postings. We also look forward to you adding your voice to the conversation as well. Oh yeah…please share with your friends.

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