All the things I want to tell Black people about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in person…

By contributing Writer Jason Gilmore

…but can’t because we’re all stuck at home because our current President doesn’t know how to protect us from anything.

I am a Democrat by default. They piss me off a lot. I don’t register as Independent or Green Party — because, honestly, I prefer to vote for candidates that might win an election at some point. If a Republican ever came along who could manage to not be a Marvel villain and was supporting issues I agreed with, I’d vote for them. So, trust me, I’m fully aware of what the Democrats haven’t done and why so many are cynical about voting for the “lesser of two evils.” The two party system is corny. But the reality is, that’s where we are, folks — abstaining because it sucks is like drowning because clinging to the overturned canoe might give you a blister.

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Jason Gilmore is a filmmaker, novelist, husband and father.

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