The purpose of Don’s Daily Planet (DDP) is to foster a “Conversation Across the Diaspora” between black people around the world.  Among current topics will be health, wealth, business, politics, education and occasionally humor in an attempt to bring about global connectivity.

We’ll be looking to encourage dialogue between black men with articles and columns in our “For Him” section.  We’ll also be looking to help strengthen bonds between black women with a section called “For Her”.  Of course, DDP will look to advance a much-needed conversation between black men and women.

DDP will also be promoting conversations between black people from around the world to create a better understanding of each other as well as our collective challenges.  A lot of that dialogue will take place in the section, “Nu World Order”, where we’ll have discussions to begin unlocking solutions for a…well, a new world order.

DDP makes no claims of being a journalistic tool but we will always strive for the highest standards in truth and integrity while controlling OUR narrative.  We believe that this can be done in a positive fashion.


Don E. Lang, Jr.
CEO – Don’s Daily Planet


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